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Royal Tapestry Factory
Founded in 1721

The Royal Tapestry Factory can boast of 300 years of experience in the production and restoration of rugs, tapestries and Coats of Arms.

  • 1721

    Founded by Philip V of Spain in 1721, the factory soon became a European reference for the production of luxury textiles, thanks to the close collaboration between weavers and painters of such as Mengs, Bayeu or Goya.

  • 1889

    At the end of the 19th century, the urban growth of Madrid led to the relocation of the factory to the outskirts of the city. The site chosen was a land known as the "Olivar y huerta de Atocha” (Atocha’s Olive Grove and Garden), where it is still found.

  • 1996

    In 1996, the factory became known as the Royal Tapestry Factory Foundation. It is aimed at the preservation of craftmanship, the conservation and restoration of Spain’s textile heritage and the promotion of all cultural activities that contribute to the knowledge of the art of tapestry making.

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Visits and Exhibitions in the Royal Tapestry Factory

Through its guided tour programme, The Royal Tapestry Factory offers the opportunity to see weavers at work in its living museum. In order to keep promoting the understanding and appreciation of textile arts and crafts, temporary exhibitions are organized in our headquarters and other locations.


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Conferencia «Flandes – Castrojeriz – Madrid: La trama de Aracne»

Conferencia inaugural de la exposición "Real Fábrica de Tapices: 300 años al servicio del patrimonio textil" en Castrojeriz, Burgos. Antonio Sama, Conservador de la Real Fábrica de Tapices, aprovechará el inigualable escenario de la Iglesia de San Ju [...]

Exposición “Real Fábrica de Tapices: 300 años al servicio del patrimonio textil” en Castrojeriz

El próximo 17 de julio inauguramos en Castrojeriz la segunda edición de la exposición "Real Fábrica de Tapices: 300 años al servicio del patrimonio textil" en la localidad burgalense de Castrojeriz. Esta exposición forma parte del ciclo de actividade [...]

Taller para familias “Puzles de tela”

Taller didáctico para familias "Puzles de tela: pequeños artesanos reposteros"   A QUIÉN ESTÁ DIRIGIDO A familias con niños y niñas de 6 a 12 años.   OBJETIVO Incentivar el valor del trabajo artesanal:  los participantes trabajarán en equip [...]



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