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Who are we

Who are we

Who are we

We are a leading historical factory in the field of the production and restoration of luxury textiles.

Operating since the 18th century, the Royal Tapestry Factory is a tangible link between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art and design.

Rugs, tapestries and Coats of Arms are totally handmade in the factory, thus keeping in touch with the Spanish textile tradition while fostering its transition towards a high quality and fully sustainable production.

From the outset, the Royal Tapestry Factory has played a fundamental role in the conservation of Spanish textile heritage, actively participating in the development of mechanisms and technologies aimed at the restoration of historical textiles.

With a view to fostering knowledge and admiration for the art of tapestry, the Royal Factory also offers the possibility to visit its facilities and contemplate craftsmen’s work.

Governing Organs

The board is the main representative body of the Royal Tapestry Factory and is composed of:

Institutional sponsors
Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
City of Madrid
Madrid Autonomous Administration

Individual board members
Monica de Oriol Icaza
Miguel Ángel Aguilar
Gregorio Marañón Bertran de Lis
María Eugenia Girón
Carlos Aragón
Secretary: Santiago Gastón de Iriarte.

General Manager
Mr. Alejandro Klecker de Elizalde.