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Dyeing room

Dyeing room

Room Dyeing

Dye quality is essential to ensuring not only an optimal result at the aesthetic level, but also the survival of colours over time.

The individualized dyeing of textiles evidences and guarantees the independence of production from industrial dyeing. Therefore, each process can be adapted to the client’s needs and tastes.

Established in the Royal Tapestry Factory since 1760, the Dyeing Room continues to use the traditional technique of manual dyeing in combination with cutting-edge technology, thus turning the dyeing process into an activity with an undeniable scientific and creative value.

Synthetic dyes are preferred, as their stability and compatibility with historical textiles can be checked. Their use has been internationally approved after comprehensive research works. The manual dyeing of textiles makes it possible to thoroughly control all the processes aimed at achieving different shades and nuances.

The Dyeing Room also enables professionals of the textile sector to create and register new colours in a personalised and confidential way. Our team of professionals advise and assist clients in a quest to achieve the colour ranges most in line with their project.

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