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Our Headquarters

Our Headquarters

Historic Headquarters Royal Tapestry Factory

The Royal Tapestry Factory is located in Paseo del Arte, a privileged area in the heart of Madrid.

The Royal Tapestry Factory’s historic headquarters is surrounded by landmarks such as the Royal Basilica of Atocha or the Pantheon of Illustrious Men. It is very close to tourist attractions like the Prado, Reina Sofia and Anthropological museum, as well as the Retiro Park.

The Neomudéjar-style building was selected within the Industrial Heritage Plan by the Spanish Historical Heritage Institute, and declared a Cultural Heritage Site by the Madrid Autonomous administration in 2006. The merits for such recognition lie not only in the building’s architectural interest, but also in the fact that it continues to fulfill its original functions, i.e., the production and restoration of luxury textiles.

Gardens Historic

The Royal Tapestry Factory’s historic garden is located in the heart of the site and retains most of its original features.

Thanks to a recent remodeling, the garden now hosts a nursery of dye plants and plant species used to obtain textile fibres such as cotton or linen.

The plants come from different parts of the world and were used by different cultures to obtain vegetable dyes and fibres.

The new ethnobotanical garden has been fully integrated into the garden’s original design, i.e., without making great or irreversible changes to its layout.

The project has been designed and carried out by Agencia para el empleo de Madrid (Madrid’s Jobcentre) under the supervision of Ana Olmos and with the collaboration of ethnobotanist Ana Roquero and the Casa de Campo and Estufas del Retiro municipal plant nurseries.